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Vertical Wetlands: A Water Treatment Park for Mission Bay

Kuth Ranieri Architects

San Francisco, CA

Vertical Wetlands is a water treatment park proposal that addresses San Francisco’s immediate water related challenges. Located in Mission Bay, the park is comprised of vertical and horizontal constructed wetland filtration systems, a new network of boardwalks that bridge China Basin to reconnect the downtown district with SOMA, and a revitalized urban recreational waterfront. This green water management solution strategically augments the City’s existing, combined sewer-stormwater system to: expand the treatment of greywater, reduce the load of greywater on the existing antiquated water infrastructure, ecologically manage stormwater runoff, and process 100% of the greywater for SOMA’s future residential developments. This public park is designed to bring identity to the district and offer a unique destination and landmark public space. The web of bridges and boardwalks captures wetlands for curated habitats, and the proximity to a new waterfront experience provides a welcome relief to the large-scale blocks that dominate this evolving urban neighborhood.

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