Our Mission

The mission of Deep Green Design Alliance (DGDA) is to identify local, environmental, and civic challenges and - through visionary design and policy making - provide solutions that integrate ecology, technology, economy, and culture for the well-being of our global future.

Our Background

Deep Green Design Alliance was founded by Byron Kuth, FAIA, as a multi-disciplinary collaborative to elevate the role of design within the galvanizing platform of sustainable and resilient practices. Kuth recognized that local, environmental challenges are an opportunity to shape our global future through thoughtful designs and visionary solutions. The Alliance was formed to curate and archive and online database  of such projects and proposals.

Nationally-Recognized Innovators: Our team members are nationally recognized for cutting-edge research, creative thinking and innovation in sustainable design. Our works span the country and beyond, but our team members are predominantly local, calling the Bay Area home. Our vested
interest in our own community heightens our desire to identify implementable adaptation solutions to ecological and social vulnerabilities that will ultimately thrive. Armed with decades of experience and research focused on the Bay Area and resiliency, our team has no preconceived ideas or prejudices. This freedom allows us to engage in research, share our knowledge, collaborate freely, and embrace a wide range of multidisciplinary solutions.

Shared Commitment to Collaboration: Collectively our team members share a commitment to employing a collaborative process that engages with each unique Bay Area community, working together to find new ways to tackle the threats faced by our region and other coastal communities around the world. We recognize that the resiliency of the Bay Area is bigger than us and that any interventions we create will have to work in tangent with other efforts proposed or already under way within our region.