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MISSION BAY: A Proposal for a Green District Identity

Kuth Ranieri Architects

Mission Bay District, San Francisco, CA

The master plan proposal features an eco-park with gardens and facilities that reinstate the district’s lost ecology and habitats. Also included are proposals for California College of the Arts’ San Francisco campus and a new eco-magnet high school for environmental studies, along with municipal facilities. The eco-park and the high school are interdependent with the natural ecology and cultural community of the district. The high school is designed as a high-performance building, though, more important, it offers a key integer in the sustainable operation of the community. The proposal for CCA’s student and media center provides a cultural anchor to the district. The green district identity plan puts forth a new, sustainable agenda for Mission Bay. A green enterprise zone of businesses dedicated to energy and material mindfulness defines Mission Bay as a central destination for surrounding neighborhoods, thus enhancing identity, thresholds, streetscape, and green space.

Aviary 01.jpg