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Soundhenge: a memorial to endangered ecologies

Kuth Ranieri Architects in collaboration with Bill Fontana, of Resoundings

Washington, D.C.

SoundHENGE is a global memorial, bringing attention to threatened environments and ecologies that are not confined by political or social boundaries, with a central collective space enhanced by integral sound and interactive media. Recognizing fading ecologies as a global issue, SoundHENGE creates an immersive environment to connect visitors with critical issues of this generation. It is a place of physical repose and reflection that connects visitors with distant and significant ecological habitats from around the world. The structure is composed of a dozen structurally independent piers, made from carbon fiber and lightweight ductile concrete, arranged in a circular pattern that torque from the ground and converge to create an open oculus to frame the sky. As visitors pass through the piers they enter an immersive environment, created with the sound artist Bill Fontana. Sounds are sent via live-stream from threatened and vanishing ecologies and accompanied with interactive media.

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