SIBBeSBORG ARCHIPELAGO: A Public Park and Water Treatment Facility

Khoury Levit Fong in partnership with Matar Rahmeh Studio

Sibbesborg, Finland

Sibbesorg: Urban Archipelago. This is an urban design for Sibbesborg, a community one hour by car to the east of Helsinki. The mandate of the design is to plan for Sibbesborg’s growth from a community of 3,000 to a city of 100,000 people. Our proposition, the Sibbesborg Archipelago, is a network of neighborhoods, island-like in form, but bound together in a larger urban ensemble by shared networks of social and physical infrastructure. Set within the forested landscape, amidst agricultural fields, wetlands, and coastline, these urban islands are linked but distinct neighbourhoods that leave intact existing landscapes and permit, in the space between them, the constitution of a new ecological and recreational network that is as vital to the metropolitan form as the islands of the archipelago themselves. The islands are connected by roads, bike paths, parks, and the shared social and economic institutions of schools, commerce and shopping, and linked to the larger territory by regional transportation and new concentrations of employment and retail services. Between these islands continuous ecological networks of habitat, hydrology, and farmland are preserved, shaped, and stitched into a larger territorial ecology. New and re-purposed networks of biking, walking, and hiking paths turn the natural amenities of the Sibbesborg region into an attractive destination for recreation and tourism.