Site-specific adaptation and civic space opportunities

Site-Specific Adaptation
Once dynamic interventions are identified, with far-reaching impact across the region, we will look to find site-specific opportunities for implementation. While the goal of resiliency is shared by all communities within the region, this is not a one-size fits all scenario. The local community must be engaged with every site and the voices must be heard and echoed by our team’s efforts.

Our coastal engineering efforts will assess the risks and unique aspects of each site, community, and ecologies, including the evaluation of flood vulnerability and site specific seismicity risks (including ground shaking, liquefaction, subsidence, heaving, land-slides and inundation). We will seek restoration opportunities and design opportunities for a multi-functional shoreline. Through all our work we will minimize disruption to the shoreline and waterfront and impacts to the environment and consider immediate and long term costs and maintenance requirements.

Particularly the site where you have the perfect storm of vulnerabilities – communities that are disenfranchised, that are actually overlaid with the flood zones and low-lying areas that are vulnerable to sea-level rise, and that are overlaid again with fault lines – these are the sites that interest us most.
— Elizabeth Ranieri

Civic Opportunities
Our core design team envisions site-specific interventions to encompass opportunities to enhance the waterfront with public spaces that enrich the daily life of all residents. These civic environments can spur a new culture around the intersection of land and water, its fluidity, and education of the public of our region’s resiliency. We also have the special opportunity to bring together disparate communities, making us stronger.

Our efforts will explore the natural and urban context with a focus on blending new and existing features for a multi-functional shoreline. Our design solutions will reflect a respect and appreciation of the Bay. As designers, we aim to create a better, more performative version of what exists today—one that can be embraced by the community for decades to come.