Lisa Matthiessen

FAIA, LEED Fellow, Urban Fabrick, Sustainability and Community Engagement

Lisa’s career has been focused on bringing high performance to the built environment, with an emphasis on building stakeholder involvement as
prerequisite to success. Lisa works at every scale, from small renovations to city-scale planning. She understands the opportunities and challenges
that come with each project type, and the importance of engagement at every level; her role on projects typically includes community outreach and education. Lisa co-authored the “Cost of Green” series; these reports analyze the cost implications of building to green standards, and have become standard references for teams and communities wishing to achieve cost effective
sustainability. Lisa has been a key contributor to the development of the USGBC and LEED, volunteering to help write LEED standards, teaching workshops, and serving on the national Board. Lisa has served as a commissioner for the cities of Pasadena and Sierra Madre, and is currently serving on the AIA California Council.