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Kuth Ranieri Architects in collaboration with Roth/Lamott Landscape Architecture

Larkspur, CA

KUTH RANIERI ARCHITECTS in collaboration with Roth/Lamott Landscape Architecture

Larkspur Farm is an organic, educational farm and grange hall (or community center), developed, owned and managed by a community-based nonprofit whose mission is to be a working urban farm that connects people to the land, food, and each other; providing education for people to learn about the sources of their food, and prepare them to steward the land that provides it.

The primary goals are to educate more than 5,000 children and hundreds of teachers and adults every year, to grow more than 1,000 tons of fresh produce annually for sale to near-by schools, restaurants, medical facilities and markets, and to create dozens of sustainable green jobs. A Grange Hall building, erected in the tradition of an old-fashion barn-raising but incorporating the latest in green-design and sustainable construction techniques, will include a thriving community center with an industrial learning kitchen, a café serving baked goods and other farm-sourced foods, classrooms, and a large open hall for barn dances, dinners and annual seasonal festivals. 

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