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eco-commons: intergenerational mixed-use development

Kuth Ranieri Architects in collaboration with Tom Leader Studio

Levittown, New York

Eco-Commons presents a new sub/urban paradigm for making successful urban space from auto-centric suburban landscapes. Located in Levittown, New York, a midcentury icon of suburban development, the site presents an opportunity to generate a new suburban ideal, one that reflects modern demographic and cultural changes specific to the generational shift of baby boomers to elders. The Eco-Commons prototype is conceived of as a socially and environmentally sustainable community with a focus on introducing new paradigms for retirement/eldercare constituencies. It establishes a nexus of activity for residents and the broader community, providing new opportunities for overlap and engagement. Within its immediate context, the Eco-Commons knits together the residual fabric of suburban development. It negotiates the dramatic spatial differences of the surrounding residential neighborhoods and the commercial/retail multilane highway through a system of building and landscape.

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