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Adi Shamir-Baron

Ph.D., Executive Director, Van Alen Institute

Adi Shamir advises foundations, community groups, and government agencies in strategic planning and design of redevelopment projects with a focus on land reclamation, historic conservation, ecology restoration and the re-purposing of urban infrastructure.  Shamir served as Executive Director of the Van Alen Institute and Dean at California College of the Arts. She is a Trustee at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and is an appointed commissioner of the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO.  Adi Shamir holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the Cooper Union, a Master of Architecture degree and a PhD in the History of Architecture from University of California-Berkeley.  Her historical research and writing explores early Modernist architectural themes in diverse Cultural Heritage contexts with contributions to international architectural journals as well as published books including Open House: Unbound Space and the Modern Dwelling (Rizzoli), and the upcoming After Infrastructure: The City as Frontier.