The First Building That Can Heal Its Own Cracks With Biological Cement

Eric Schlangen and Henk Jonkers introduce “their “biocement,” which uses bacteria to patch up the cracks in concrete that lead to structural degradation.”



Dr. James Canton, DGDA Advisor, Interviewed by the Huffington Post

“Predictive medicine transforms health care. Early diagnosis of disease with medical devices that sniff our breath, and free DNA sequencing that predicts our future health will be common. Personalized genetic medicine will prevent disease, saving lives and billions in lost productivity...”



The Arctic is ‘unraveling’ due to climate change, and the consequences will be global

Washington Post Energy & Environment writer Chris Mooney presents four ways that changes in the Arctic could have global affects based on key findings in a new booklet from the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council and prior Washington Post reporting.

“Last month, when we learned that Arctic sea ice had reached a new record low for its winter maximum ice extent, former deputy assistant secretary of state Rafe Pomerance said: “The Arctic is unraveling, warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet.”

It’s a powerful quotation, and as the United States takes chairmanship of the Arctic Council on April 24, you shouldn’t assume that “unraveling” is irrelevant to you. We’re all invested in the Arctic, because we’re all invested in the planet.”



Catastrophic Flooding Can Be Mitigated By Biodiversity

A new study, led by Bard Biology Professor Alexandra Wright, suggests that the impact of catastrophic flooding can be mitigated by protecting biodiversity.

"Wright says lots of species, or an ecosystem with high diversity, require a large amount of resources to keep going, and that’s exactly what the flood provided, and quickly. First, it provided a lot of water."


Future Smart - Dr. James Canton released third book this January

Dr. James Canton, global futurist and advisor to DGDA, released his third book, Future Smart: The Game-Changing Trends That Will Transform Your World. It’s a must read!

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“A forecast of the most important game-changing trends—and how to manage and profit from them to improve your life.

We live in a time of complex and radical change. Those that are ill-prepared for the seismic shifts set to occur over the next thirty years will be in for a rough ride.

From leading global futurist and advisor James Canton, the acclaimed author of The Extreme Future and Technofutures, comes Future Smart: the essential blueprint on what's coming next. It details the key changes—in health and medicine, technology and communication, the global economy, the earth's climate, energy, and business—that every person, company, and government must understand in order to not only adapt accordingly but thrive in the coming decades. Going beyond prediction, Canton shows readers how to get "future-smart" with strategic steps they can take today to navigate tomorrow successfully.”